Veterans and the DA's Office

San Diego County is home to the nation’s largest number of veterans returning from wartime and has the second-largest population of veterans in the state of California. More than 25,000 veterans from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan live in San Diego County. In fact, San Diego County has more veterans returning from those wars than any other in the nation.

A growing population with wartime injuries and mental health problems can place greater pressure on county social services and law enforcement, who ultimately serve as the last line of support. In recent years, local service providers began noticing a rise in young veterans who struggle to reintegrate here and ended up homeless.

At the District Attorney’s Office, we’re committed to honoring veterans for their service and supporting them whenever possible. That support includes legislation, consumer protection and active participation in community outreach such as Stand Down and the County’s Veterans Coalition. We also participate actively in Veterans Court, which has been honored with a national achievement award from the National Association of Counties (NACo) for its work helping non-violent veterans going through the criminal justice system with tailored treatment.

See how the DA's Office is working through Veterans Court to address the uniqueness of this population.

The District Attorney’s Office is also very proud of its employees who have served our country and who now serve our office as prosecutors, investigators and all level of support staff. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the links on this page, which offer a host of important material as well as information for veterans organizations.