Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Unit is a sub-unit of the Economic Crimes Division. The unit is composed of Deputy District Attorneys, Investigators and Paralegals dedicated to protecting consumers and law abiding businesses from fraudulent or unfair business practices.

When a complaint is filed with the Consumer Protection Unit, our first priority will be to refer the complaint to the appropriate investigative agency. You may save time by directing your complaint to the appropriate agency rather than filing it with the Consumer Protection Unit. Please scan the Consumer Resources list for the appropriate agencies.

The District Attorney’s Office is first and foremost a prosecutorial agency. This means most of our resources go into prosecuting cases that are investigated by investigative agencies. We cannot give legal advice. Please contact the San Diego Bar Association for referral to an attorney if you need legal advice.

When appropriate, the Consumer Protection Unit will investigate consumer complaints. These complaints typically involve businesses within San Diego County that are involved in unfair or illegal practices. Public safety is always a priority however, and if you are aware of a dangerous practice taking place within the County, we encourage you to File a Complaint . (Click here for Spanish)

If this is a Real Estate Fraud complaint see Guidelines to submitting a Real Estate Complaint   and use this form: Real Estate Complaint Form. (Click here for Spanish)

If you feel you have a civil claim against Renovate America or another Property Assessed Clean Energy ("PACE") financing company please fill out and return the PACE Assistance Contact Form.