Restitution is an order made by the Judge as part of the defendant’s sentence that requires the defendant to repay the crime victim for losses suffered as a result of the defendant’s criminal conduct. Restitution may include but is not limited to: the replacement or repair cost of stolen or damaged property, ambulance and medical bills, counseling and therapy expenses and lost wages for time spent assisting the police or prosecution.

Submit a Restitution Request
If you are a victim in a filed criminal case and would like to submit a restitution request, please click on the below link:


***IMPORTANT: Please submit only one (1) form. Do not submit a restitution request in unfiled cases, civil matters or private disputes. The form applies to both adult and juvenile cases.

You Have a Right to Restitution
In California, victims of crime have a right to restitution, and it is the policy of the San Diego District Attorney’s Office to assist all victims in obtaining restitution orders from convicted defendants in every appropriate case. If you need assistance, please call (619) 531-3517 or email A representative will help you.

If you need assistance in a juvenile case, call (858) 694-4271 or email