Prevent Rape by Intoxication

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PRICE logo Rape by intoxication is a growing crime, particularly among 18-25 year olds. In an unprecedented collaboration, the San Diego County District Attorney, San Diego County Sheriff's Department, San Diego Police Department, colleges, universities, the military, the Center for Community Solutions / Rape Trauma Center, the Sexual Assault Response Team and other community partners have teamed together to form the PRICE Coalition (Preventing Rape by Intoxication through Community Education). PRICE grew out of the need to do something about this crime that destroys promising lives. Through education and action, we can stop lives from being derailed from rape by intoxication.

The reality is that rape by intoxication can be prevented in many cases through community education. This is why the PRICE coalition worked with men and women from the target age group to create a message that will effectively reach their peers and alter behavior and perception about the crime of rape by intoxication.

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A 22 year-old university student goes out with her friends one night and drinks way too much. She wakes up the next morning, violated and frightened, only remembering small bits and pieces of the night before. What she does remember was the face of a man on top of her. She was so intoxicated that she was unable to resist. Now, she worries that she might be pregnant or infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease. She wonders where her friends went. She has become another victim of a serious felony...


Don't let it happen, and look out for your friends

Prevent Rape

  • Face the facts: If she's wasted, intoxicated, asleep, or unconscious, she cannot give legal consent, even if she said "yes"
  • Face the law: Rape by intoxication is a serious felony that can carry 8 years in state prison
  • Drink responsibly - binge drinking is dangerous to your health, and can impair your judgment
  • If your friend tries to take advantage of a woman who is too intoxicated or passed out, tell him to stop and explain that it's illegal and not right
  • Pay attention to the warning signs including slurred speech and vomiting

Protect Yourself

  • Stay with your trusted friends at all times
  • Have a safety plan for you and each member of your group to get home
  • Drink responsibly - binge drinking is dangerous to your health, and can impair your judgment
  • Decide ahead of time how much you can safely drink while maintaining your good judgment. Stick to that limit.
  • Don't accept a drink that is open, as you risk ingesting a date rape drug
  • Never leave an intoxicated friend unattended, and make sure that you can count on the same for you. Help your friend
  • by giving her water to prevent dehydration, and putting her on her side to avoid choking on vomit. If symptoms worsen, call 911 as she could have alcohol poisoning
  • Always lock your doors and windows, and if you are looking after a friend, make sure that doors and windows are locked before you leave

Get Help

  • Call 911 if the crime just occurred, or call police or Sheriff dispatch to report the crime
  • Call a crisis hotline to get help
  • Preserve evidence: don't bathe, douche, urinate, eat, drink, smoke, gargle, brush teeth, chew gum
  • Don't wash any clothing
  • Understand that this is NOT your fault; there's a whole network of professionals ready to help you

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*SART: Sexual Assault Response Team/Equipo de Repuesta al Asalto Sexual