Diversity in the DA's Office

This web site offers general information about legal careers and specific information regarding employment with the San Diego District Attorney's Office. You will also note a strong emphasis on the Office's diversity efforts. The San Diego District Attorney's Office is comprised of a workforce that is as diverse as the community it serves. Further, the San Diego District Attorney's Office is committed to ensuring that the pipeline to diversity in the legal profession continues to flow. On these web pages a diverse group of Deputy District Attorneys answer the questions:

  1. Why did they choose to become prosecutors?
  2. Why would an attorney of color consider a career as a prosecutor?
  3. Why is it significant to communities to have prosecutors who are from minority groups?
  4. What advice would they give minority students who aspire to become prosecutors?

As you read their statements, you will find that all the Deputy District Attorneys are united in the common pursuit of justice. So, whether you're in junior high or senior high, it's not too early to start your preparation for a legal career. If you are in high school, get involved in speech, debate and journalism courses. As a college student, you will find that law schools admit students who have majored in virtually every subject. Internship opportunities are typically available at government agencies and private law firms for college students. Law students, don't wait until you are a third year student to obtain professional legal experience. Explore opportunities to clerk at District Attorney Offices, Public Defender Offices, and private law firms after your first year. It is also vitally important to seek out attorneys who are willing to be mentors.