Diversity in the DA's Office

Community Involvement

DDA's and law students The Deputy District Attorneys in the San Diego District Attorney's Office believe that our public outreach efforts to minority students is a key component to educating individuals about the justice system, strengthening our communities, and increasing diversity in the legal profession. One sign of our success at public outreach is the growing number of requests for diverse members of the District Attorney's office to speak to schools, community groups, and the media.

DDA Terrie Roberts We regularly make presentations during courthouse tours, community events, school visits, and career fairs. Public outreach has become a way of life for many of us because we have learned that the efforts of just one concerned adult can make a significant difference in the life of a young person. Our goal is to serve as role models who inspire youth to succeed academically, morally, and professionally. It is also our hope that we can increase access to justice for everyone thus sweeping away the false belief that justice exists only for the privileged few. This desire to provide equal justice for all is why you will see many Deputy District Attorneys actively involved in community outreach.