Real Estate Fraud

The dream of home ownership remains one of the most important goals for many San Diegans. Owning one's home or business is a source of pride and security, and provides an opportunity for financial growth. Unfortunately, real estate fraud scams can steal these dreams with a single forged signature or get-rich-quick scheme.

new house key The San Diego District Attorney's Office is dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of real estate-related crimes. Attacking real estate crimes and other white-collar criminal activity is one of our top priorities, which is why the Real Estate Fraud Program exists within the Economic Crimes Division.

We will not let individuals empty the pockets of unsuspecting San Diegans. If you suspect you are a victim of real estate fraud, or have knowledge of such activity, please report this information to the District Attorney's Office as directed in this brochure. Through our collective efforts, we can protect individuals from fraudulent activity and provide a safe real estate market. With your help, the District Attorney Real Estate Fraud Program will make San Diego County a safe and honest real estate market for us all.

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