The District Attorney’s Student Safety in School Systems Task Force is committed to ensuring all of San Diego’s youth have a safe and nurturing educational environment, free of sexual and physical abuse. The District Attorney’s Office recognizes that there are gaps between the multiple agencies and systems that are currently addressing abuse. We aim to eliminate those inefficiencies and close those gaps so our students and youth can thrive. We invite the public to use this site to directly contact our experienced prosecutors and trained investigators if there is a concern of abuse within our school systems. Every submission will receive attention and every allegation will be addressed.

This Task Force will not be a mechanism by which a mandated reporter may report suspected abuse, but the Task Force will work to make sure that mandated reporters are complying with their legal obligations to report acts of physical and sexual abuse against minors.

The District Attorney’s Student Safety in School Systems Task Force will:

  • Welcome and receive submissions from any member of the public who is concerned about the safety of students in a school system;
  • Facilitate any member of the public who is navigating the multiple agencies and departments when an incident involving a child has occurred in a school setting;
  • Reduce the public’s confusion by giving them direct access to the District Attorney’s Office so allegations and complaints can be tracked;
  • Cross-reference allegations and complaints with law enforcement, Child Welfare Services, and educational institutions and programs where appropriate;
  • Refer members of the public to services that may be available to those experiencing trauma as a result of an incident that has taken place within a school system;
  • Offer and provide outreach and training to the public on issues and concerns surrounding possible physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by an adult or minor on a student in an educational setting;
  • Criminally prosecute those who fail to comply with mandated reporting laws where the evidence of such failure is sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Work with schools, parents, law enforcement, and students to ensure children in educational institutions remain safe from physical and sexual abuse.
  • Receive submissions from any concerned community member and assess concerns regarding possible child abuse in school systems.
  • Evaluate and analyze perceived failures in our schools’ systems regarding mandatory reporting.
  • Identify gaps and confusion regarding mandatory reporting of child abuse within our educational institutions.
  • Work to hold appropriate individuals accountable if they fail to make mandatory reports where there is a reasonable suspicion abuse of a child has occurred and where there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Facilitate training of students, families, school employees, and law enforcement.

  • Sexual abuse of a minor by a student or school employee that occurs in a school setting.
  • Sexual abuse of a minor by a school employee that occurs outside of a school setting.
  • Physical abuse of a minor by a student that occurs in a school setting.
  • Physical abuse of a minor by a school employee that occurs outside of a school setting.
  • Failure (or suspected failure) by mandated reporter to make a report.

  • Any active emergency- CALL 911 FIRST- and then you may submit an inquiry for follow-up.
  • Any civil dispute or disagreements with teachers or school administration.
  • Conflicts with teachers or staff that school administration is actively addressing.

  • The District Attorney’s Task Force members will evaluate and investigate the claim.
  • Law enforcement will be notified to investigate allegations when appropriate.
  • Families will be connected with trauma-informed resources and support.
  • An investigation into whether a mandatory report was made may be initiated.

Make a submission to the Task Force

  1. Click here to start the process.
  2. Then simply follow the screen-by-screen instructions, filling out the form as completely as possible.
  3. Once you complete a submission, you will be given a tracking number for your records. With that number, you will be able to follow-up at any time to see what action has been taken by the Task Force. The Task Force can be contacted directly at

The Task Force will review and respond to all submissions. The submissions of abuse or misconduct will be referred by the Task Force to the proper investigative authorities if that has not already occurred. In rare circumstances, the District Attorney’s Office itself may initiate investigations where it is appropriate—such as with investigations of failures to comply with mandated reporting laws.

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