Diversity in the DA's Office

Message from DA Summer Stephan

Welcome to the San Diego District Attorney Pipeline Diversity page. We offer general information about legal careers and specific information regarding employment with the San Diego District Attorney's Office. You will also note a strong emphasis on the Office's diversity efforts. The San Diego District Attorney's Office is comprised of a workforce that is as diverse as the community it serves. Read more

DDA Victor Ou

Victor Ou I initially started in the District Attorney's Office as a graduate law clerk, looking for courtroom experience. After working with several of the Deputy District Attorneys, it became apparent to me that there was something very special about being a prosecutor. I chose a career as a prosecutor because each day, I get to work on exciting cases with the mindset of always trying to do the right thing. Read more

DDA Sherry Thompson

Sherry Thompson My choice to work in prosecution was not an obvious one. Many prosecutors seem to know from birth that they want to prosecute, whereas I stumbled into the area. It was not long before I realized that representing the People of the State of California satisfied my interest in public service and provided an exciting work environment. Read more

DDA Dwain Woodley

Dwain Woodley I was raised in a family that instilled in me the importance of public service. As a prosecutor, you are aiding in the team effort to keep our community safe for all citizens.This is a great career choice for any attorney who loves to do jury trials and perform an important public service. Read more

DDA Janice De Leon

Janice De Leon My family's home was burglarized twice while I was growing up in Southeast San Diego County. After the second burglary, my parents were forced to put wrought iron bars on the windows and doors, just like the other homes in the neighborhood. As a result of these experiences, I joined the San Diego District Attorney's Office to make sure that victims of crime-regardless of their background-are not forgotten. Read more