Diversity in the DA's Office

Chief Deputy DA Dwain Woodley

Dwain Woodley 1. Why did you choose a career as a prosecutor?
I was raised in a family that instilled in me the importance of public service. As a prosecutor, you are aiding in the team effort to keep our community safe for all citizens.

2. Why would an attorney of color choose a career as a prosecutor?
This is a great career choice for any attorney who loves to do jury trials and perform an important public service.

3. Why is it significant to communities to have prosecutors who are from minority groups?
The community must have trust in the fairness of the system for our judicial system to work effectively. Having prosecutors from different minority groups provides an extra level of comfort that the system is fair to all of its citizens.

4. What advice would you give to minority students who aspire to become prosecutors?
In order to address any perceived problems in our judicial system, you must be part of the process. I often encourage young people to apply for internships with prosecutorial agencies. There is no more rewarding work than assisting victims of crimes in receiving justice for the harm they have suffered.