4 or 40: The Team

Special thanks to the team who made "4 or 40: The Choice is Yours" possible!

Regina Desamours, Myesha Joseph, Marlon Anthony Russ, Monica Munoz, Susan Rogers, Thelma Mubaiwa, JJ Anderson, Jody Hammond, Dave Fugett. Extras: Lincoln High School students

Dave Fugett, Trina Sandal, Janelle Ramsey

Directed, photographed and edited by:
Ronn Kilby

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Pacific Southwest Chapter

Emmy 2010 Winner
Editor (No Time Limit) - Program
4 or 40, Ronn Kilby, The Studio at Kilby Pond

2010 National Association of Counties Achievement Award

Special thanks to:

JJ Anderson, Antony Arevalo, Camille Bryant, Cherish Caldwell, Bria Chappell, Hope Czbas, Zion Daniel, Jerrell Davis, Diane Dela Cruz, Dylan Furseth, Enrique Garcia, Pedro Mota, Samantha Saravong, Jesse Stamp, Deonte Victorian, Julie Vongphachanh, Michelle Bush, Jennifer Langston, Grace Liu, Charles Nguyen, Nick Serrano, Thomas Van, Mike Mellon, Lincoln High School, San Diego Film Commission, Mt. Hope cemetery, Marti Kilby and Steve Walker.