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Can I lower the cost of my auto insurance by getting a car alarm?
Many insurance companies offer their customers discounts when they install and use car alarms and other anti theft devices.

Does a ringing car alarm really stop a thief from steeling your car?
A ringing car alarm will not only frighten off a thief but it will also alert you and your neighbors to his presence.

Will a GPS tracking device help me get my motorcycle back if it is ever stolen?
Since 8 out of every 10 stolen motorcycles are never recovered, a GPS recovery tracking system greatly improves your chances of getting your bike back.

What should I do if my car is stolen in Mexico?
If your car is stolen in Mexico, contact the local Mexican authorities and make a police report. Obtain an original, certified Mexican police report from the police agency. Upon return to the U.S. contact the California Highway Patrol. The vehicle must be currently U.S. registered in order for the CHP to provide assistance.

What should I do if I find my stolen car in Mexico?
If you locate and recover your car in Mexico, notify the U.S. Customs inspector when crossing the U.S./Mexico border. You will be sent to a “secondary inspection” area and either the California Highway Patrol or San Diego Police Department will dispatch an officer who can officially release the car to the registered owner.

I loaned my car to a friend but he won’t return it. Can I report it stolen?
If you have loaned your vehicle to another person and this person does not return the vehicle, certain documentation is required in order to report the car stolen. You will need isit SDPD’s website.

to send that person a registered letter, via the post office, demanding the return of the vehicle. For more information please v What is the year, make and model of the most popular vehicle stolen in San Diego County?
Please visit our Statistics page for this answer.

If I phone in, text, or email RATT a tip on the location of a stolen vehicle “chop shop” will my identity remain anonymous?
Yes, your identity will remain anonymous. RATT, working in partnership with Crime Stoppers, uses encrypted software to protect the identify of each tipster.

Am I required to keep my vehicle registration papers in my car at all times?
The law only requires that you present your registration to the police when requested. Keeping the registration in your car means that if the car is broken into or stolen, the crook now has access to your name and address. Consider keeping your registration in your purse or wallet along side your driver’s license.