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The San Diego County Regional Auto Theft Task Force, (RATT) was formed in 1992. Our primary mission is to effectively communicate with stakeholders to reduce the incidents of vehicle and cargo theft and increase the apprehension and prosecution of professional auto thieves using regional, proactive investigative methods and public education programs.

RATT is comprised of Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputies, California Highway Patrol Investigators, Probation Officers, Special Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Insurance, National Insurance Crime Bureau, District Attorney Investigators, Deputy District Attorneys and Assistant United States Attorneys.

The efforts of RATT have been very successful in the past years reducing incidents of auto theft within the County. Over the seven years from 2011 through 2017 the auto theft rate has been reduced by 15%. This drop is attributed to not only the hard work of the investigators assigned to RATT, but to all the law enforcement agencies who combat vehicle theft on a daily basis in San Diego County.

Through auto theft investigations conducted by investigators from RATT, not only do we recover stolen vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, construction equipment and other cargo but we have also made arrests for drug and weapon violations and worked to take both off the streets. Our mission cannot be fulfilled without the help of the public. As such, if you have tips or information on vehicle thefts please let us know at the tip line below or by sending us an email.

Make an Anonymous Tip on RATT’s tip line: 1-888-TELLRAT, 1-888-835-5728