Hate Crimes

A Message From Your District Attorney

Bias motivated crimes are unique. They are aimed at intimidating entire communities, not just one victim. Hate crimes tend to be more violent than non-hate motivated offenses and everyone in the victim’s community is meant to feel the terror.

Our office is committed to prosecuting bias motivated attacks. We have been a leader in this important area for over 20 years. This was the first District Attorney’s Office in California to assign a deputy district attorney to specialize in prosecuting hate crimes. We maintain an aggressive, highly trained team to prosecute these offenses.

Our efforts include educational outreach to the county. We teach about hate crimes to students, faculty and community groups so people can protect themselves from bias-motivated violence. We also train law enforcement personnel so they can better assist victims of hate crimes.

A hate crime against one person is an assault against all of us. The San Diego Office of the District Attorney will continue fighting hate crimes in our Community.