IFWJD - Insurance Fraud

Lying to an insurance company to get money is a crime.

Any employee, business, lawyer, or medical provider can fall victim to insurance fraud…or commit it. If you are a victim or witness to insurance fraud, report it.

Insurance Fraud Hotline 800-315-7672

The San Diego County District Attorney's Insurance Fraud Division specializes in prosecuting crimes where a lie was told to obtain an insurance benefit. There are six units within the Insurance Fraud Division.

The Workers Compensation Fraud Unit investigates and criminally or civilly prosecutes applicant fraud (an employee exaggerating work injuries, employer premium fraud (companies lying about their payroll to get lower premiums), tax evasion, legal and medical providers over-billing, uninsured employees, insurance agents engaged in workers’ compensation fraud, and employers that unlawfully deny workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers. Please download our insurance fraud brochure for more information.

The Life Insurance and Annuity Consumer Protection Unit investigates and prosecutes life insurance and annuity financial abuse cases involving insurance agents. We partner with investigators from the Department of Insurance to conduct consumer protection outreach.

The Disability Healthcare Insurance Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes fraudulent health care and disability claims, prescription fraud, medical providers fraudulently billing insurance companies, and identity theft to obtain healthcare. Please download our healthcare fraud brochure for more information.

Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATT) prosecutions involve local, state and federal law enforcement officers from San Diego County and prosecutors from the DA's office investigating and prosecuting cases involving professional auto thieves. These auto thief rings perpetrate numerous crimes involving stolen vehicles and related narcotics and weapons offenses.

The Auto Insurance Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes staged auto theft and accidents, VIN switches and chop shops, automobile theft, and legal and medical providers engaged in capping or fraudulently billing insurance companies. The Urban Grant Unit prosecutes Auto Insurance Fraud involving two or more suspects.