The goal of the Victim Services Division is to empower victims of crime through advocacy and supportive services throughout the criminal justice process. The Victim Services Division is comprised of three components: Victim Assistance Program, Joint Powers Authority Unit, and Criminal Restitution Compact Unit. Through these units we assist victims with their recovery from the physical, emotional, and financial effects resulting from a crime.

The Victim Assistance Program has specially trained and experienced victim advocates who assist victims and their families throughout the criminal justice process and beyond. Advocates can assist with the following services: navigating through the criminal justice system, resource and referral information, assistance with filing a Victim Compensation Board application, court accompaniment, and more.

The Joint Powers Authority Unit is responsible for processing Victim Compensation Board applications for eligible crime-related losses. CalVCB provides eligible victims with reimbursement for bills and expenses that are a direct result of a violent crime including but not limited to funeral/burial, medical losses, mental health, wage and support loss, relocation, and dental expenses. For more information, visit the California Victim Compensation Board website.

The Criminal Restitution Compact Unit ensures restitution is ordered to the Victim Compensation Board thus holding the defendants financially responsible for their actions. This money is returned to the California Restitution Fund to help other victims of violent crime. This unit also works with victims to gather information necessary to obtain restitution orders for their economic losses associated with the crime.