Community Grant Program - How to Apply

Application Instructions

The CGP application process will include two steps: (1) a screening step and (2) application step.

  1. Screening Step:
    1. Prepare and submit a video pitch up to 90 (ninety) seconds (professional videos are not necessary) outlining your proposed project to include at a minimum the following information:
      1. Your name, and the name of your organization.
      2. Focus area to be addressed with funding request including brief description of organization's proposed program plan, mission/goals and anticipated results/outcomes.
      3. Brief description of demographic of proposed target participant(s) to be served and number of participants to be served during grant period.
      4. When services will be provided and the location of services.
      5. Any additional information that may be helpful in understanding proposed program.
    2. Written applications are also available upon request. For a written application or for any other question please contact
    3. The application period is now closed. Applications are no longer being accepted.
  2. Application Step:These notifications for next steps are anticipated to be sent to selected organizations by September 22, 2021.