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A Message From The District Attorney

The CARE Center is a community satellite office of the District Attorney’s Office where we connect individuals and their families to community-based interventions to prevent crimes and victimization. Our office’s mission is to pursue equal justice for all and build safe neighborhoods in partnership with the communities we serve by ethically prosecuting criminals, protecting victims, and preventing crime. The CARE Center gives us a physical space to do this important community work. This resource hub is located in National City, right on San Diego’s border, offering various services addressing trauma and building community resilience.

Since opening our doors in 2016, we have served over 1086 individuals and their families, connecting them to more than 2,786 services. In addition, our food pantry has fed over 23,500 individuals with an 80% from COVID-19. We are excited to continue making a positive impact in collaboration with the communities we serve in the years to come.

The CARE Center connects youth aged 11-17 and adults with housing, employment, mentoring, counseling, and other services. Please contact the CARE center if you are interested in receiving benefits and learning more about our work.

Summer Stephan | San Diego County District Attorney


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