Bureau of Investigation

Our Bureau of Investigation is comprised of approximately 158 investigators. We have 113 District Attorney Investigators. Their law enforcement authority comes from the same section of the penal code, 830.1, as a deputy sheriff or city police officer. What is unique about our law enforcement team is that they come to us from other law enforcement agencies. Most come from our local law enforcement agencies but we have several who have come from state and federal agencies. They have all completed the basic POST academy and are required to meet the ongoing training requirements set forth by POST.

Once hired, many of our District Attorney Investigators will be assigned to areas that they have experience in, such as pre-trial support, gangs, robbery, narcotics, homicide, and family protection (which includes domestic/child/elder abuse and child abduction). Along with these areas, we have an increasing number of investigators who work in specialized units such as computer and high tech crime, environmental, real estate, consumer, and workers compensation fraud. We also have investigators assigned to the areas of public integrity, Mexican Liaison, backgrounds, officer involved shootings, and internal affairs. We provide extensive training and mentoring in order to assist our investigators as they transition into these very complex, technical and specialized investigations. Additionally, we have a dedicated staff of individuals who work as Process Servers to directly and indirectly support the Bureau of Investigation by completing non-enforcement duties and lower-end investigations.