After the custodial component of a Breaking Cycles commitment, minors may transition to a community based program to receive specialized treatment such as counseling, education, or substance abuse treatment.

Youth Day Center [top]

Youth Day Center (YDC) is a community based reporting center operated by the probation department in partnership with the County Office of Education. There are two sites: one in San Diego and the other in North County. YDC is often used as a transition program for boys and girls graduating from the Juvenile Ranch Facility or Girl's Rehabilitation Facility and returning home.

YDC has an on-site school and provides a variety of services from job counseling to job training. Hours of operation are 8AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday. Youth attend school and program activities during the day and return home in the evening. YDC does not provide mental health services, so a minor with these needs should usually transition to the Reflections Program after the custodial period. The YDC program generally lasts 6-8 weeks and is usually only accessible through the BC 150, 240, or 365 tracks (not the BC 90).

Reflections [top]

Reflections is a community based day treatment center operated by the Probation Department in partnership with the County Office of Education, County Mental Health, and several community based agencies. Like YDC, there are two sites: one in San Diego and the other in North County. Reflections is a 3 month program which offers a full time psychiatrist to provide mental health services.

Teen Recovery Centers [top]

Teen Recovery Centers (TRC) are community based treatment programs operated by community based agencies in partnership with County of San Diego's Drug and Alcohol Services. TRCs are located throughout the county and provide drug and alcohol services ranging from detoxification to day treatment centers and out-patient counseling.

School Academy Programs [top]

School Academy Programs are community based educational programs for at-risk youth. They are operated by the County Office of Education and the San Diego Unified School District in collaboration with the Probation Department. Youth attend extended school days and weekend programs. The program is voluntary and requires a one-year commitment. Sites are located at Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and the Science and Technology Center in Linda Vista.