Diversity in the DA's Office

Message from Assistant DA Jesse Rodriguez

Jesse Rodriguez As second in command at the District Attorney's office, I am uniquely aware of how diversity enriches our leadership team. In fact, I am the first Hispanic to ever hold the office of Assistant District Attorney in San Diego County. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico and after becoming a U.S. citizen at age 14; I worked hard to get into law school. Eventually, I became not only a lawyer, but went on to serve as a Superior Court Judge for 16 years. Along the way, I have been keenly aware that in addition to my responsibility as an officer of the court, I bear an additional responsibility to the Hispanic community - to give back and even to be a role model. One example of that is my involvement with a group called Casa Milagros and Nosotros. For 10 years, I served on the Board of Directors of this recovery home for alcoholic men. But I am not alone. As you read the statements from our Deputy District Attorneys, you'll see that each has their own reason for choosing to become a prosecutor. I hope their stories will inspire you to consider a career in the criminal justice system.

Our office is filled with Deputy District Attorneys who are at the top of their game-who also happen to be people of color. Like me, they bring their own unique perspective and experience to the job. Together, that is the key to helping us serve a diverse community.