Victim Services

Victim Rights in California

Victims of crime have the right to:

  • Know the current status of your court case.

  • Be assisted if called as a witness.

  • Attend all sentencing proceedings.

  • Speak in person; address the court in writing; or be represented by an attorney at the time of felony sentencing to express your views concerning the defendant, the crime, and its effects on you and your family.

  • Have the court order restitution from the convicted person.

  • Request the Board of Prison Terms to provide notice of any hearing to review or consider parole eligibility or parole-setting for prisoners in your case. You must keep the Board of Prison Terms informed of your current address if you wish to be notified.

  • Speak personally; submit a letter, tape recording or video tape; or send an attorney to the parole hearing to express your views about the crime and the person responsible.