Victim Services

Who Can Get Help?

Who is Eligible:

  • Persons who have been physically or emotionally injured by a crime.
  • California residents injured by a crime or terrorism wherever it takes place.
  • Survivors of a victim who dies as a direct result of a crime and anyone who paid for medical, funeral and/or burial expenses for that victim.
  • A victim's spouse, child, parent, fiancé or sibling who witnessed the crime.
  • A person living in the victim's household at the time of the crime.
  • A person who had lived with the victim for at least two years in a relationship similar to a spouse, child, parent or sibling of the victim.
  • The primary caretaker of a minor victim.

To qualify:

  • Report the crime to law enforcement.
  • File an application with the program within one year from the date of the crime or explain why it was not filed on time.
  • If the victim was under 18 years of age on the date of the crime, file an application before the victim's 19th birthday.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement.
  • Cooperate with the program and/or it's representatives.
  • You must not have consented to, provided or incited the crime nor have been assisting in or committing a criminal act causing your injuries.

Call us todayIf you have been a victim of a crime and need assistance, you can call 619-531-4041. A Victim Advocate will speak with you and determine how we can assist you. Program services are provided free of charge, and there is no legal citizenship requirement to receive assistance.