Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team

The County of San Diego Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT) is a coordinated effort between the San Diego County District Attorney's Office and more than 25 agencies and departments in San Diego County. The team was first established in April 1996 by the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors and the team began assembling in October of 1996.

DVFRT Mission

The County of San Diego Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team seeks to identify system-based opportunities for improvements in violence prevention and intervention policies, procedures, and coordinated strategies, make recommendations for system change and raise public awareness about intimate partner violence.

What Do Fatality Review Teams Do?

  • Identify deaths - both homicides and suicides related to domestic violence.
  • Examine the effects of all domestic violence interventions that took place with the victim and batterer prior to the death(s).
  • Consider changes in prevention and intervention systems to help prevent such deaths in the future.
  • Develop recommendations for coordinated community prevention and intervention initiatives to improve system response and reduce domestic violence.

Multidisciplinary Review Team

The County of San Diego Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT) is a multi-disciplinary review team comprised of representatives from the San Diego District Attorney's Office, Medical Examiner's Office, San Diego Domestic Violence Council, Sheriff's Department, San Diego Police Department's DV Unit, Chula Vista Police Department DV Unit, El Cajon Police Department DV Unit, Probation Department, Pretrial Services, San Diego City Attorney's Office, Family Justice Centers (San Diego and East County), Child Welfare Services (HHSA), Rady Children's Hospital, Family Court Services, Children's Mental Health Services (HHSA), Juvenile Probation Department, District Attorney's Office Victim Assistance Program, Alcohol and Drug Services (HHSA), Public Health Nursing (HHSA), Aging and Independent Services (HHSA), Navy Family Service Center, Southern Indian Health Council, San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Clinical Forensics Representative, LGBTQ Community Representative, DV Shelter and Support Services, and Batterer's Treatment.


The DVFRT meets once a month. All meetings are closed sessions and kept strictly confidential. Each member is required to sign a Confidentiality Statement. All records and discussions shared during case review are protected under California Penal Code Sections 11163.3-11163.6. CA Penal Code 11160 Domestic Violence

Team's Accomplishments

The team has been recognized by the California State Attorney General's Office as a model for domestic violence fatality review teams and has participated on the California Domestic Violence Death Review Team Statewide Protocol Advisory Committee. The team has presented at a multitude of National and International domestic violence conferences.


Current DVFRT Program Coordinator

Terra K. Marroquin, MSW
DVFRT Coordinator
Family Protection Division
San Diego County District Attorney

More Information on DV Fatality Review

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